Szymon has shown more than once that he is able to win against every evil monster ... Our help can lead to his victory!

Rycerz Szymek Szymek Mazurczak / malbork
do urodzin pozostało: 218 dni
Cranio-cerebral trauma, brain contusion, skull base fracture
Further rehabilitation, medications, verticalizer, improvement equipment, orthopedic collar, dislocated shoulder surgery
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Szymek Mazurczak
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Szymon has shown more than once that he is able to win against every evil monster … Our help can lead to his victory!


Szymek has been our mentee since 2017. After a tragic accident in which he was hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing, his whole world was in ruins … The world of him and his whole family … “The policeman said that his son was hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing, probably running on a red light. I ran straight to the scene of the accident, I saw shoes lying on the street and thick blood – I knew it was blood from my head … At that moment a priest came to me and said “Is he Catholic? I have already given him the last anointing … “. Everything stood still … Szymuś was already in the ambulance – he was resuscitated all the time … The doctor did not let me see Szymek Mazurczak
Szymek Mazurczakand announced that he did not know if he would take him to the hospital. An hour later, the doctor who was supposed to operate for him said that we had to settle with my husband, that the child might not survive, and even if it was in serious condition … After 3 hours I saw my son – he was alive !!! The view cannot be described … At night I prayed that the phone with the worst news would not ring … “– said Szymek’s mother.
When we met Szymek, every minute, every second, with great determination, he fought to stay alive … for independent breathing, every heartbeat, swallowing reflex, proper circulation. The most important study of brain flows confirmed that there was no brain death, that there was still hope. “Szymek is still among us, we just need to get him out of the emptiness he is in now,” said my hopeful mother.

Awakened from a pharmacological coma, he is still in a coma – his “brain”. “The doctors advised us to check whether it reacts to any stimuli: reading books, smells, favorite music. I didn’t think much about playing Popek’s songs, which Szymek is a fan of. Szymon moved his hands to the song “You don’t lose brothers”. I told myself that I would do everything to make the musician visit him and give him even more motivation to live. Popek read an e-mail from me and after a telephone conversation immediately visited Szymek in an intensive care hospital in Gdańsk. The son was touched, tears fell, and his pulse increased significantly … It was a miracle for us. “- says Mrs. Beata.

Szymek was hospitalized in an agony state – the doctors gave him only a 1% chance of survival. When Szymek’s mother came to us, his prognosis increased to 99%, and the condition, although he remained critical, no longer threatened the boy’s life. Due to breathing problems, it was necessary to put on a tracheotomy tube.

The boy has been our knight for almost a year. Behind us is a year of struggle, a year of help, a year filled with your support … You gave him a chance, hope, faith. That is why we are taking another step towards Szymek’s victory and we hope that you will do it with us … We are opening another collection, we are opening another gate to fulfill the dreams of the boy and his loved ones …

Szymek Mazurczak Szymek Mazurczak3 January 2018, Szymek became a patient of the “Budzik” Clinic, where he was waiting for rehabilitation classes, a fixed diet, a speech therapist and many intensive exercises. The schedule was very tight, but it was worth it … At the beginning of February the first big step towards health appeared: “Szymek began to breathe himself through his nose at saturation 100 and lying on his side … I waited so much for this moment!”. In March Szymon was moved to the first floor – the staff said that Szymek’s condition was stable and did not require direct supervision. “Continuous exercise, rehabilitation, learning … All this made Szymek feel better and better. More and more steps towards health, more and more progress …

In July, the search for a physiotherapist and neurologist was slowly started, because Szymek was preparing to leave the Clinic. On July 21, Szymon left the clinic. He was included in the “Pomeranian” Home Hospice for Children. The boy after 9 months in hospital and alarm clock finally returned to his room in his own home. “On September 2, we got a call from Professor Thaler himself, a specialist in medical rehabilitation and surgery. He called to invite us to his place! We were so happy. Another milestone is behind us! So many days, weeks, months of struggle … Finally the longed-for home and Professor Talar who wants to help us … “.

On September 5 Szymek visited Professor Thaler. “There are good days when everything goes well and forward. There are also the worse, during which nerves and fear prevail …
Szymek MazurczakHowever, Szymek Mazurczak fight every day and there is no way that he would give up. “At the end of September Szymek was pulled out a tracheotomy tube.” The time has come … this time where hope increased by another hundred percent … Because, after all, my mother doesn’t believe in 100 percent, but in a million! I believe in my Son for a million percent. I know that Szymek will recover. That is why we need more funds, we need more stages of Szymek’s treatment … We need help … We need money for further rehabilitation, medicines, a verticalizer, son improvement equipment, orthoses, orthopedic collar, for a dislocated shoulder surgery … “.

The amount Szymek needs now is around PLN 150,000. You, human Angels, have shown many times that you are able to change the lives of our charges … that you are able to help those in need. Szymon is an extraordinary boy that we can observe for almost a year … We see his daily fight, we see how much he tries to win the odds … We know that Szymon has a chance to win this fight. We also believe that with your help it will succeed. “Thanks to you, he could return home and go on holiday to Professor Thaler, where the monthly cost is about 25,000. We want to go back there because we know it is a great opportunity! We see great progress, and this is the most important thing … We don’t need anything more to know that Szymek can win. Without your help it will be impossible … but thanks to you everything is possible! “


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